Do Dogs Have A Sense Of Humor?

Any one that has a dog, had a dog or even thinking about getting a dog, take heed as they live in their own little world and sometimes they will play tricks on their human owners. If you have been around dogs for any length of time, you will know they are thinkers and pranksters. We had a dog that had three legs because the UPS truck ran over him and broke his leg. The vet removed it and he lived another twelve years. Many people in our neighborhood called him Tripod, but he could still out run their dogs.Starting out as puppies they are a hoot to watch, no matter what they might end up doing. Even as a puppy or dog had us going, especially when it came to playing fetch. We would throw the ball and he would run to catch it. But he never brought it back; he would sit by the ball and give us that look like, ‘do you think I am stupid? I’ll throw it to you and you go get it’, he just had that look.Giving a dog a bath is what I consider Doggie Dog humor, hands down. You spend all that time lovingly washing him getting all the dirt and mud off of him and then he escapes outside somehow, and rolls in the dirt or they will roll on the carpet or worse your bed. He is actually laughing at you and you just stand there and wonder why he does that. He looks up at you and says, “Gotcha ma”.Humor within the dogs comes in many forms, such as calling your dog in for the night. They will take their sweet time that is for sure. They’ll come up to the porch, and just sit down looking up at you like ‘you called?’ if you really watch your dog you will learn their language. You will learn their eye signals, as well as their tail and ears. Their growl might mean different things. But it is in the eyes that one must watch as they tell you so much.Mostly dogs try to be good, but there are times when they just decide not to be and then trouble will begin. Believe it or not dogs that do those silly things to make you laugh is actually good for you. Such as, a dog will try not to throw up in the car. They are embarrassed when they do so. They try not to play tug of war with dad’s underwear when he is on the pot, though it is so enticing, it is hard for them not too.I strongly feel that dogs are a gift from God, to humor us and love us unconditionally. They are extremely loyal to their masters and will lay down and die for you. It seems their lot in life is to make us humans happy, no matter what they may do. So love your dog unconditionally, keep them well and healthy and you will have a friend for life.

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